How much benefit will be given by farming under an integrated farming system?

Published on: 10-Nov-2023

The way of farming has changed a lot in today's time . In the time of this modern world, the methods of agriculture have changed. Positively at present, farmers are getting huge profits from agriculture using new methods and techniques. One such way is an integrated farming system, through which farmers can earn more with limited resources and lower costs. Agriculture in India is currently going through a new phase. In this era, farmers are also using new methods of agriculture. While some farmers are leaving agriculture and migrating to cities, some farmers are earning huge profits by adopting new techniques or methods. One such way is the integrated farming system through which a farmer can do crop production as well as other co-business. The biggest advantage of this is that the farmer can create new sources of earning more with limited resources and low cost. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is a powerful means of doubling the income of farmers.

What is an Integrated Farming System?

Integrated farming system is a method of farming in which the farmer can do crop production as well as other co-occupations. Under the integrated farming system, at least two or more components of agriculture are adjusted in such a way that adjustment of one significantly reduces the cost of another. Along with this, productivity increases significantly. Self-employment is created and the standard of living also improves significantly.

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Integrate agriculture with livestock

Let's see, as an example, that farmers can integrate agriculture with livestock on limited land. As such poultry and fish farming can be done in the same place. Along with this, you can also cultivate on the same land, so that employment can be created throughout the year and additional income can also be obtained. For example, you can also use the waste (excrement) released during poultry farming as manure. In fish farming, the remaining water of the pond can be used for agriculture and crop cultivation. In this way, you can earn income from poultry, fisheries as well as farming and manure production

What are the advantages of an integrated farming system?

Due to an integrated farming system, more production per unit area would have been more beneficial with reduction in production cost. There has to be availability of balanced nutritious food. Recycling of crop residues. There can be benefits like continuous income generation throughout the year, increase in self-employment opportunities, environmental protection, etc.