How to produce cashew nuts, which come under the category of dry fruits, at home?

By: Merikheti
Published on: 02-Nov-2023

Today in this article of MeriKheti, we will tell you about the best cashew under dry fruits and how you can save a lot of money by planting a cashew tree in your home. Under excellent care conditions, one cashew plant provides about 8 kg of cashews per year. Let us tell you that cashew is imported and exported on a large scale all over the world. The cashew tree grows very quickly. Cashew was grown in Brazil, but today cashews are in demand all over the world. The cashew tree is generally 13–14 meters high. However, its dwarf cultivar variety grows to a tree height of only six meters. This variety is very beneficial because of its readiness and high production. You can also grow cashew plants indoors. Now let us know what are the main things you need to keep in mind for this.

Hybrid plants for cashew cultivation.

To cultivate cashews at home, always grow hybrid plants only. Plants of this species are easily grown in pots at home. We get cashew nuts soon. Soil Cashew and Climate Cashew can be produced anywhere in India. Cashew crop is excellent when the temperature is more than 20 degrees Celsius. Cashews can grow in almost every type of soil. By the way, growing cashews in sandy red soil can yield excellent results. 

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Cashew planting and fertilizer.

The roots of potted cashews are quite extensive. For this reason, while planting a cashew tree, use a pot less than 2 feet deep. This will make the cashew plant much stronger. Cashews can be grown in any soil and climate. But, between June to December is considered to be the best time to plant it in South Asian areas. By applying manure and fertilizer to cashew crops, excellent production is achieved. For this reason, it is very important to apply an adequate amount of fertilizer and manure at the appropriate time. If you take regular and proper care of the plants, one cashew plant gives you about 8 kg of cashews every year.