How to protect the crops from insects during increasing cold weather

Published on: 10-Jan-2024

The effect of insects on crops can be seen even during winter. In such a situation, the farmer will have to take special care of some important things.  Some farmers believe that insects do not occur inside crops during winter. However, the truth is that even in the winter season, your crop can be attacked by insects. To conserve the fruit from insects, you have to take care of some important things. According to experts, the problem of pests in crops during winter is a common thing. At this time the temperature is low, the incidence of this insects decreases. However, they do not end completely. Some insects can cause a lot of damage to the crop even in winter, due to which farmers should take care of some special things for protection.

Farmers should do farming under the supervision of agricultural experts

During the winter season, farmers should monitor the crops regularly. Pay special attention to the initial symptoms of insects. Also, do necessary work for the control pests. If insects are planted in the standing crop in your fields, use the required pesticides at the appropriate time. Sprinkle them in appropriate quantities, for which farmers can take help from agricultural experts.

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What can farmers spray ?

Experts say that crops may be caused by changes in weather. Farmers can spray the trichoderma, Harjonium medicine to get convenience from  insects. Insects can affect the yield of crops. This challenge can be overcome by spraying pesticides on the crop. The winter season in India lasts from October to March. This temperature is very favourable for rabi crops. The main crops of the Rabi season are millet, peas, mustard, tomatoes, wheat, barley and gram etc.