How will the weather of India be in the coming days

Published on: 01-Nov-2023

Rains continue in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The IMD (India Meteorological Department) said that from November 2, there will be rains in Kerala and Tamil Nadu for the next two days. Barring these two states, there will be no change in the weather in the rest of the country for the next five days. Kerala and Tamil Nadu have received rains recently. There is still every possibility. The IMD has given information about it. There was heavy rain in Kerala on Monday. It received 8 cm of rain in Mavelikkara, 7 cm in Chavara and 7 cm in Vilangankunnu.

The IMDI said light to moderate rainfall with lightning and thunderstorms is likely over Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Rains are expected in Lakshadweep on October 31, and Kerala, Mahe, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and Karaikal will also receive rains in the next five days. Heavy rainfall is likely over Kerala and Tamil Nadu on October 31 and November 3.

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From the night of November 01 to November 03, a fresh Western Disturbance is likely to cause light rain and snowfall in the Western Himalayas. Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand are included in these states. Apart from this, lightning is likely in Konkan, Goa, Madhya Maharashtra, South Interior Karnataka, Kerala, Mahe, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and Karaikal.

What will be the weather in North India?

During this week, weather of plains of North India (mainly Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, West Uttar Pradesh and Delhi) can be pleasant. Mercury levels are not expected to drop much. According to private weather agency Skymet, there is a possibility of light coolness and chill in the air late evening, night and morning. The day will be mainly hot. Overall, the weather will be good.

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The effect of western disturbances can be seen in many states

A Western Disturbance is likely to arrive on the night of 01st November and remain for the next 48 hours. This may cause some rainfall in the hilly areas. On November 02 and 03, the sky will remain cloudy and light rain will occur in the foothills of Punjab. The rest will remain cool and dry. The minimum temperature will be between the middle and high without any major fluctuations. The temperature during the day is likely to be around 30–31°C. In the far western regions of Haryana, such as Hisar, Narnaul and Sirsa, the temperature can remain around 30 degrees Celsius. Morning fog will see a decrease in visibility and a drop in air quality.