Know the weather of the coming days, where it will snow and where it will rain

By: Merikheti
Published on: 23-Nov-2023

According to the weather department there is a possibility of rain in upcoming days in many states. IMD says that there is a possibility of rain from 24-27 November in Gujarat, south-west Madhya Pradesh, southern Rajasthan, middle Maharashtra and northern Konkan. Let us tell you what the weather pattern says.   

The weather in India seems to have changed a lot these days. Winter has arrived in North India. The cold has increased rapidly in the last few days. The temperature has started decreasing gradually in many states including Delhi. However, heavy rains continue in various areas of North-East including South India even today. Also, a major change may be seen in the weather in the coming days. According to the Weather Department, a Western Disturbance is going to affect North-West and Western India from November 25, due to which changes will be seen in the weather. Due to this change, there is a possibility of rain in South West, Madhya Pradesh, South Rajasthan, Central Maharashtra, North Konkan and Gujarat between 24 and 27 November.

In which areas does the rainy season continue? 

 Light rainfall may also be recorded in the western Himalayan region and the plains of the northwest on November 27 and 28. Apart from this, the Meteorological Department has said that torrential rains will continue in South India for the next two to three days. During this period, there is a possibility of heavy rainfall at some places with light to moderate rainfall in Lakshadweep, Southern Karnataka, Coastal Andhra Pradesh, Coastal Odisha and Southern Chhattisgarh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The Weather Department has said that during this period, there are chances of light rain in the western hilly areas as well, which will further increase the cold.

Pollution level in Delhi increases again.

Instead of decreasing, the level of pollution in Delhi is continuously increasing. The people of Delhi had definitely got relief to some extent from the increased pollution after Diwali. But, now once again the level of pollution seems to be worsening. The condition of air quality in Delhi was very poor on Wednesday. The AQI of the city was recorded at 394 on Wednesday. Whereas, a day earlier on Tuesday it was 365. Along with pollution, the havoc of fog can also be seen in Delhi at present. According to the Weather Department, fog will be seen in Delhi this entire week. Along with this, due to rainfall in the mountains, strong winds can blow in the plains.