Farmers can grow vegetables and fruits using only water with this technology.

Published on: 18-Sep-2023

Farmers, you do not need land for farming. Now farmers can grow fruits and vegetables only in water, which is rich in nutritional elements. New technologies are being developed to make farming easier across the world. With the help of all these technologies, resources are saved and labor consumption is also reduced. Hydroponics technology is also included in this. Whereas in traditional farming, large quantities of agricultural equipment, fields, fertilizers, manure, and irrigation are required. At the same time, with eco-friendly hydroponics technology, excellent crops can be grown in less water.

Hydroponics farming does not require soil. For this reason, it should be done in a protected structure. In addition to water, minerals, and nutrients are available to the seeds and plants. Let us tell you that these include calcium, potash, zinc, sulfur, iron, phosphorus, nitrogen, magnesium, and many other nutrients, which increase the crop yield by 25–30 percent.

Hydroponics technology is less labor intensive and resource intensive.

New technologies are being developed all over the world to make farming easier. This saves resources and reduces labor consumption. Hydroponics technology is also included in this. Whereas traditional farming requires large amounts of agricultural equipment, land, fertilizers, manure, and irrigation. On the other hand, through eco-friendly hydroponics technology, excellent crops can be grown in less water.

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These vegetables and fruits can be grown with this technology

Hydroponics technology has been successful in vegetable cultivation. Many farmers in India are using this technology to cultivate small leafy vegetables, such as cucumber, peas, chili, bitter gourd, strawberry, blackberry, Blueberry, watermelon, melon, pineapple, carrot, turnip, cucumber, radish, pineapple, capsicum, coriander, tomato, and spinach.

Nutrition-rich vegetables are grown through hydroponics technology

Vegetables grown through hydroponics technology are rich in nutrition. Therefore there is always demand for them. The cost of manufacturing it in an area of ​​100 square feet can be Rs 50,000 to Rs 60,000. Also, 200 vegetable plants can be planted in a 100 square feet area. In terms of earnings, this technology can provide profits to farmers in larger areas. Hydroponics can be used to earn more money by planting crops along with grain crops in less area.