Important information related to linseed cultivation

Published on: 14-Dec-2023

The reason for the flaxseed crop being a multipurpose crop has increased the demand for linseed across India nowadays. Linseed is a precious oilseed crop, which is used to prepare medicines along with various industries. Every part of linseed can be used directly and indirectly in many forms. Oil emanating from linseed seeds is often not used as intake, but in making medicines. Its oil is used to produce varnish, paints and lubricants and used to make ink for pad ink and press printing. Its seeds are used in poultry in funes.

High quality fibre is earned through a stem of flaxseed. At the same time, linen is made from fibre. Linseed cake is used as animal feed for animals giving milk. Also, it is used as a compost due to the proper amount of nutritional elements in Khali. The wooden part of the linseed plant and small fibres are used to make paper.

Use manure and fertiliser like this

Nitrogen 50 kg to achieve great production for unirrigated areas. Phosphorus 40 kg. And 40 kg. 100 kg at the rate of potash and in irrigated areas. Nitrogen, 60 kg. Phosphorus and 40 kg. Use at the rate of potash per hectare. In the unirrigated condition, the complete quantity of nitrogen and phosphorus and potash and half the quantity of nitrogen in the irrigated condition and plenty of phosphorus at the time of sowing 2-3 cm by Chogas. Use below. At the same time, in the irrigated condition, the remaining half of the nitrogen should be used as a dressing after the first irrigation. The use of super phosphate is more beneficial for phosphorus.

Irrigate this way in linseed cultivation

This crop is basically sown in unirrigated form. But, where there is a means of irrigation, there is an increase in production by doing two types of irrigation: the first flowers and the second grain.

Perform Khanpatar control in linseed in this way

Mainly flax seeds have weeds like Kushnil, Hirankhuri, Chatri -Matri, Akra -Akari, Wild carrot, Pyaji, Khartua, Satanashi, Bathua and Senji, etc., farmers should take this measure to control these weeds.

Treat this way for control

For management, the first fidelity should be done after 20 to 25 days of sowing and the second nidai after 40-45 days. Pandymethin 30 percent E.C. for weed management by chemical method in linseed crop. Dissolve in 800-1000 litres of water of 3.30 litres per hectare and spray equally in 2-3 days of sowing from flat fan nazil.