Valuable information for farmers related to Urea

Published on: 07-Jan-2024

Farmers utilise urea to boost agricultural output, which raises its importance. However, a few crops do not require it.It is put to use in large quantities. Thus, results are seen quickly.According to experts, urea is a chemical fertiliser that is a significant supplier of nitrogen. It is crucial for crop development. However, certain crops may not require urea.

Urea not utilised with these crops

Pulse crops like pigeon pea, gram and pea carry out nitrogen fixation in their roots. During this process, they absorb atmospheric nitrogen. In addition, it is transformed into a form that can be utilised by the plants. Because of this, pulse crops do not require urea. Fibre crops include flax, jute, and cotton also  do not require urea. Apart from them, brinjal, chilli, and tomato are urea-sensitive. Using urea on these crops may result in leaf burns.

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Sources to trust upon by farmers

The soil test result will tell which nutrients the  farm is lacking and in what quantities. Based on this information, you may use fertiliser. Additionally, professionals from Krishi Vigyan Kendras can provide accurate information regarding the application of fertiliser for crops. Furthermore, research conducted by agricultural colleges can provide accurate information regarding the use of fertilisers.