A positive improvement has been seen in crop production and quality by the medium of biotechnology

Published on: 25-Dec-2023

Farmers are able to improve both the quality and production with the help of different crops produced by biotechnology and new techniques. Nowadays, biotechnology sectors are growing rapidly. It is used also in agricultural sectors along with other sectors. Biotechnology has brought a revolution for agriculture sectors today's date. With the help of biotechnology, farmers are able to grow more productive farming along with quality and different types of crops. This is giving heavy profit to farmers. With the help of biotechnology, daily new changes are being implemented in agriculture. This is also helpful for increasing crop production.

Along with this, this technology is playing an important role in fighting against pests and insects as well as against diseases. With biotechnology, farmers are making both the quality and production of crops amazing. How biotechnology is helpful for agricultural sectors.

What is being said by Biotech Engineer Poorva Kulshrestha on this topic?

According to Biotech Engineer Poorva Kulshrestha, biotechnology has helped the agricultural sector a lot. This has been proven beneficial for both the farmers and their crop production. It has also improved the crop production. New varieties of high production are being prepared. Drought bearing plants have been prepared in order to maintain good crops during the time of drought also. Food security has also been improved by the help of biotechnology. Safety and surveillance of crops has also been made easy now.

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Crops of new variety 

Taking biotechnology as a medium, scientists have developed new and top varieties of plants. It includes soyabean, paddy, wheat, and corn. In these new varieties, ability to increase the crop production and immunity against the diseases have already been included. Farming these biotech crops is helping farmers in achieving more production than before. It has also enhanced the quality of crops and also these crops are also being paid good. With this, an increase in the income of farmers have been observed.