Farmers can earn good profits by producing these varieties of moong in Zaid

Published on: 15-Feb-2024

Moong farming is rather straightforward when compared to other pulse crops. Using less manure and fertiliser in moong production can result in significant gains. Moong farming is low-cost, and farmers can increase their profitability by generating better cultivars. This pulse has a variety of nutrients that are extremely good for health.

The market price of moong crops is fairly good, therefore farmers will make good earnings. In this essay, we will tell you about several advanced types of moong that you may cultivate to make a high profit.

Moong Varieties with high yield and diversity

Pusa Giant Variety

This kind of moong matures approximately 60-75 days in the spring and 60-65 days in the summer. IARI produced this kind of moong. This mung bean is resistant to the yellow mosaic virus. This moong is black and glossy. This moong is predominantly produced in Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Punjab. After maturity, this moong produces 12-13 quintals per acre.

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Pusa Ratna Variety

Moong of the Pusa Ratna variety matures in 65-70 days. IARI produced this kind of moong. Pusa Ratna tolerates the yellow mosaic used in moong cultivation. This kind of moong is easily cultivated in Punjab and other districts of Delhi NCR.

Pusa 9531

This moong species grows well on both lowlands and hills. This variety's plants mature in 60-65 days and are ready for harvest. Its pods turn light brown after ripening. Furthermore, yellow spot disease is infrequent in this variety. This cultivar yields 12 to 15 quintals per hectare.

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H U M -1

Banaras Hindu University developed this kind of moong, which has extremely few pods. This moong cultivar ripens in around 65-70 days. Furthermore, the yellow mosaic disease, which occurs in the moong crop, has little influence on it.


This kind of moong thrives throughout the Zaid season. This type may be grown well even in the Kharif season. This cultivar ripens within 70-75 days. Also, this variety yields 8-10 quintals per acre.

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Gold 12 /333

This moong is specially produced for the Zaid season. Plants of this cultivar mature two months after seeding. This cultivar yields around 10 quintals per hectare.

Pant Moong -1

This kind of moong may be cultivated throughout both the Zaid and Kharif seasons. Bacterial infections seldom afflict this type of moong. This cultivar ripens within 70-75 days. Pant Moong-1's typical output is 10-12 quintals.