The Indian government gives the agriculture sector in Kenya a gift worth 250 US dollars

Published on: 08-Dec-2023

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his official statement to the media said that India has always prioritized Africa and has made efforts to strengthen the bond with a continent on mission mode in the last decade. President of Kenya William Ruto came to India for a three day tour to strengthen our relationship.

After the discussion on Tuesday with President Ruto, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that India will give 250 million US dollars to the agriculture sector in Kenya for its modernisation. President Ruto came to India to strengthen the relations between the two Nations.

What Prime Minister Modi said

After discussion Prime Minister Modi said to the media that India has always prioritized Africa in it's external affairs policy and for the last decade or so has been doing continuous efforts to stand in our bonds with the continent. He said, “ I believe this tour of President Ruto will not only strengthen our Continental relationships but also increase our Bond with Africa”

India will help Kenya modernize its agriculture.

PM Modi said that India will Loan 250 million US dollars for modernisation of agriculture in Kenya. While discussing about the Indian Ocean he said that the closest between Kenya and India is the result of efforts done by both the countries.

Terrorism is the biggest problem for humanity.

Both India and Kenya believe that terrorism is the biggest danger to humidity. Both the countries decided that they will work together towards eradicating terrorism. Pm said that both countries will always look forward to helping and supporting each other financially.