India's farmers are doing excellent production using Israeli techniques in farming

Published on: 11-Oct-2023

Indian farmers are also earning very good profits using Israel's technology in the agriculture sector. Due to farming through Israeli technology, the productivity of the land is also increasing significantly.

Israel always remains in the discussion about its technology. Now whether it is the defence system iron dome or various new systems used in farming. This is the reason that farmers of India are also asked to use Israel's technology. Most Indian farmers are also using Israeli technology. At the same time, great profits are also achieved. Further we will tell you about the techniques in this article, using which Indian farmers are earning very well.

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Various projects for horticulture are being released in Israel

A lot of projects are being run in Israel for modern cultivation of fruits, flowers and vegetables. There have also been a lot of agreements between India and Israel to help in agriculture. These agreements have special attention to protected farming. According to reports, the farmers of India have learned the ways of protected farming from Israel, due to which any fruit is found in any season. With the help of this technique, the atmosphere is controlled. Also, great farming is done.

The environment is created according to the crop

It consists of an insect blockage net house, greenhouse, plastic low-high tunnel and drip irrigation. No matter what the weather outside is, but through this technique, the atmosphere is created according to fruits, flowers and vegetables. Due to this, farmers are producing many crops. Also, selling them at excellent prices. Farmers also get the prices of many crops doubled. According to experts, this farming can be adopted in all types of climate of the world like temperate, even temperate tropical etc. Apart from this, the productivity of land also increases significantly due to protected farming.