ITL has launched a new series of Sonalika tractors.

Published on: 20-Oct-2023

During the exciting launch event, Mr. Rahul Mittal, Executive Director of ITL, shared his thoughts by saying, "We have discovered a winning formula by combining European style and Japanese quality with Indian manufacturing costs. The secret ingredient in this formula is our consistent growth mindset and the largest network of channel partners. We are big dreamers willing to face new challenges and innovate. This formula is shaking up the global tractor industry. We aim to assist farmers across the world in enhancing their productivity and transforming their lives through innovation."

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Mr. Gaurav Saxena, Director and CEO of International Business at ITL, stated, "At International Tractors Limited, we believe in a global commitment to the farming community that transcends boundaries and truly values the prosperity of our customers. Our new product offerings are designed to shape the future of farming. We regularly introduce new tractors or upgrade our product portfolio based on market feedback. For the last four years, we have been the number one export brand from India and ranked number one in 14 countries in the addressable segment. These five new tractor ranges will allow us to strengthen our position in the world markets, serve a wider range of customers, and enter new territories in different markets with the support of our largest network of over 3000 dealers."

International Tractors Limited is the number one tractor brand in 15+ countries, including France, Finland, Czech Republic, Nepal, Myanmar, Algeria, Hungary, Portugal, Iceland, Germany, and many others in the addressable segment. It is a leading Indian company that exports tractors equipped with advanced technology in the 16-125 HP segment to more than 150 countries worldwide. The company has grown significantly over the last few years, with its market share being 28% in FY2023, which increased to 36% in H1FY2024.

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International Tractors Limited is India's number-one tractor export brand. Established in 1996, it is also the third-largest tractor manufacturer in the country and proudly stands among the top five tractor manufacturers globally. The company produces tractors under two brand names – Sonalika and Solis.

As the number one tractor exporter from India, ITL is proudly associated with 2.5 lakh customers in markets outside India, an accurate indication of the high acceptability of an Indian brand across the globe. It is the number one brand in the addressable industry in over 15 countries, including both developed and developing countries such as Germany, Finland, Portugal, Iceland, Czech Republic, Myanmar, Nepal, and Bangladesh. The company had over 28% market share in exports in FY23, which has increased to 36% in H1FY24, which means every third tractor exported from India is manufactured at ITL.

ITL has a presence in all European countries. Additionally, its tractors are successfully operated by more than thousands of satisfied customers in diverse European conditions. ITL has also established a spare parts center in Germany with the help of Yanmar. It caters to the needs of customers in Europe to provide better service and overall customer satisfaction.