Why is cultivating Japanese Red Diamond Guava beneficial for farmers

Published on: 30-Sep-2023

For your information, let us know that the Japanese red diamond guava is ruddy red in appearance from inside. It sells much more expensive than desi guava. Its price in the market is always between 100 and 150 rupees a kg. If you cultivate it, your earnings will increase three times. Cultivating this variety of guava will definitely earn profit. Actually, people like to consume guava. There is always a demand for guava in the market. Guava is a storehouse of nutrients in a way.

Scientists also advise farmers to cultivate guava to earn huge profits. Actually, various vitamins are found inside guava. But, it contains the highest amount of vitamin C. Apart from this, iron, lime and phosphorus are also present in plenty in guava. If you consume guava regularly, your body will be healthy and refreshed. Actually, different varieties of guava are cultivated inside India. But, today we are going to talk about such a variety, by cultivating which the farmers will become rich in a few days.

Japanese Red Diamond Guava Price

In India, guava is normally sold at Rs 40 to 60 per kg. However, the Japanese Red Diamond is a variety of guava that has a very high price. It is known for its taste and sweetness. It is sold at Rs 100-150 per kg in the market. Farmers who cultivate it become rich in a few years. The main thing is that farmers in many states have also started cultivating Japanese Red Diamond Guava.

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Soil and temperature for Japanese Red Diamond Guava cultivation

The temperature between 10 ° C to 42 ° C is considered suitable for the cultivation of Japanese Red Diamond Guava. The pH value of the soil for its cultivation should be between 7 to 8. If you cultivate Japanese Red Diamond Guava in black and sandy loam soil, you will get a very good yield. The main thing is that while sowing Japanese diamonds in the field, the distance between the row to row should be 8 feet. At the same time, the distance between plants and plants should be kept 6 feet. This leads to rapid growth of plants. Also, pruning the plants should be done twice a year.

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Annual income from Japanese Red Diamond Guava cultivation

Actually, like other crops, use cow dung and vermi compost as fertilizer in the field of Japanese Red Diamond Guava. This also increases the fertility of the land significantly. If you want, you can use NPK sulphur, calcium nitrate, magnesium sulphur and boron as fertilizer. Also, use drip irrigation to water the plants, this reduces water consumption significantly. If you are able to earn one lakh rupees a year from native guava cultivation, then your earnings from Japanese Red Diamond Guava cultivation will increase up to three times. This means that you will earn Rs 3 lakh a year.