Khirni tree : Important information related to Khirni tree

Published on: 24-Dec-2023

This fruit of khirni is celebrated in the ancient and Ayurvedic texts of India . This fruit with sweet and slight astringent flavour is very beneficial for the body. Khirni strengthens muscles and also maintains the digestive system. Khirni has the ability to increase the immunity of the body . Its origin is considered to be in India and nearby countries.

Khirni's tree has a very long age 

Even though the fruit of khirni is small, its taste is considered excellent. It is sold in the same way as sugarcane is sold. That means the slices are cooled and given to the customers. Khirni is also sold like this. However, nowadays it is also found in packets in big stores. Khirni trees have flowers in the months of September to December. Also, fruits ripen in the months of April to June. The tree got cover from fruits in such a way that the tree start to appear orange

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Khirni i.e. Khini is also mentioned in Kharad Kala

Agricultural experts and scientists say that if there is no harm to its tree, then it can live for a thousand years. Gum also comes out of Khirni's tree, which is used in a lot of work. The wood of the Khirni tree is very strong and smooth. According to the Ministry of Culture of India, the history of 'Kharad Kala' belonging to Udaipur in Rajasthan is more than 250 years old . It is a wooden art in which 'Khirni wood' is used to create shapes. 

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What is the mythological significance of the Khirni tree?

You will be stunned to know that in some ancient texts of India, Khirni is considered extremely important. Also, it has also been awarded the title of the king of fruits. In the texts of Ayurveda, Khirni has been called Rajadan, Rajfal etc. Oil made from Khirni kernels (seeds) inside the Puranas is considered to be the main. According to the book by Vaidya Ashwini Kumar, who was honoured by the gods, had prepared a healthy oil that had the ability to fight any type of disease. He prescribed the name of this oil "Amrit Teel". This oil was used by kings at that time. Khirni seed oil was also used along with other medicines/flora in making this oil.