Learn about advanced varieties of cotton

Published on: 17-Feb-2024

Cotton is cultivated extensively in India. Cotton is also known as a cash crop. Cotton cultivation is mostly done in the rain and kharif season. Black soil is considered suitable for cotton cultivation. This crop also has a very good impact on the economy of our country, as it is a cash crop. There are also some advanced varieties of cotton, which the farmer can earn profits by producing.

1 Supercott BG II 115

This type is one of the best varieties of Prabhat Seed. This variety can be sown in both irrigated and unirrigated areas. This variety is mostly performed in states like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Telangana and Madhya Pradesh. This variety of plants are mostly tall and spread. By sowing this seed, the farmer can get a yield of 20 -25 quintals in one acre of land. This crop gets ready in 160 -170 days.

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2 Indo US 936, Indo US 955

This variety of cotton tops the Variety of Indo American. This variety of cotton is cultivated in Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. It requires very light soil land for its cultivation. The weight of cotton in this variety is 7 -10 grams. Flowers start coming in this variety of cotton for 45-48 days. This variety gets ready in about 155 -165 days. The colour of the flower coming in this variety is creamy. Indo US 936, Indo US 955 has a production capacity of 15-20 quintals per acre.

3 Ajeet 177bg II

This variety can be grown in both irrigated and unirrigated areas. The length of the cotton plant in this variety is 145 to 160 centimetres. In this variety of cotton weighs 6 -10 grams. Ajeet 177bg II contains good types of fibres. This variety of cotton also has very few chances of leaf curling insects. This crop becomes ready within 145 -160 days. Its production capacity per acre is 22–25 quintals.

4 Mahyco Bahubali MRC 7361

Most of this variety is produced in Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. This crop ripes during the medium period. The weight of this type of cotton is also very good. This crop yields around 20 -25 quintals per acre.

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5 Rasi Neo

This variety of cotton is mostly grown in states like Haryana, Punjab, Maharashtra, Telangana, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. This variety is tolerant of sucking insects. This variety of cotton plants are green. The production capacity of Rasi Neo is 20 -22 quintals per acre. This variety has been considered quite suitable for light and medium land.