The best and wonderful paddy harvesting machine

Published on: 10-Oct-2023

Farmers use many types of expensive equipment to harvest crops. But, Chhotu Reaper machine is the cheapest and best paddy harvesting machine in the market. You can earn more income along with harvesting your crops. Farmers buy various types of expensive equipment from the market to harvest crops. But, small and marginal farmers are not financially capable of purchasing expensive agricultural equipment, due to which they use sickles etc. Keeping this problem of farmers in mind, companies in the technical sector have also started preparing equipment according to the budget of the farmers. Actually, the name of reaper machine is heard the most in crop harvesting. Let us tell you that this machine harvests wheat, paddy, coriander and jowar crops very easily. The specialty of this machine is that farmers can easily harvest other crops by changing the blades. There is a wide range of excellent machines for crop harvesting in the Indian market, which are quite economical for the farmers. Not only this, farmers can also buy these machines through online mode sitting at home.

The price of Chotu Reaper machine is quite economical

The use of Chhotu Reaper machine for harvesting crops is very beneficial for the farmers. Let us tell you that with this machine, harvesting of gram, soybean and berseem crops can be done very easily. This machine can easily harvest plants up to 1 foot tall. Also, if we talk about the engine of this machine, it has a 50cc 4 stroke engine. Along with this, other information is provided to the farmers through electronic display.

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The Chotu Reaper machine is quite light in weight. Let us tell you that its total weight is only 8-10 kg. If the calculations are done, then the labor cost for harvesting wheat crop with this machine is up to 4 times less. Also, the amount of fuel consumption in this machine is negligible. The Chhotu Reaper machine in the field consumes less than 1 liter of oil per hour. In this machine, farmers can easily harvest other crops by changing the blades. If seen, blades with more teeth are used to cut thick and tough plants.

There will be excellent earning through Chhotu Reaper Machine.

If you use this machine in any other field of the farmer also, then good income can be earned from it per day. According to the information received, the rent of a Chhotu Reaper machine is up to Rs 300 for one bigha field. At the same time, if you harvest crops from 1 acre field in a day, then you can easily earn Rs 1500 to 1800 in a day. Also, this machine requires a minimum of half a liter of diesel for 1 bigha field. Apart from this, after taking out the expenses of its maintenance etc., Rs 200-300 are saved from your income. Now in this way this machine also provides employment opportunities to the farmers.