Black Diamond Apple: Know about the most expensive black diamond apple

By: MeriKheti
Published on: 08-Oct-2023

Today in this article we will tell you about the most expensive Black Diamond Apple. Actually, producing this apple is not very easy. A black diamond apple costs around Rs 500. Till now you must have seen only red and green apples in the market or kitchen. But, you have rarely seen a black apple. You might be surprised to hear that there are black apples too. Like other fruits, there are many varieties of apples, whose taste and qualities are completely different. Even on normal days, apple prices remain quite good. The apple about which we are going to tell you today is known as 'Black Diamond Apple'.

Black apples cannot be produced everywhere

Actually, this Black Diamond Apple is very rare. It cannot be grown easily in every area of ​​the world. Special weather is required to produce this apple. Black Diamond Apple is grown in the hilly areas of Bhutan. This variety of apple is also called 'Hua Niu'. Talking about the taste of this apple, its taste is crisp and juicy.

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Black Diamond Apple is very beneficial for health

Black Diamond Apple also proves to be very good for health. It contains high soluble fiber, which is very beneficial in reducing cholesterol and preventing heart disease. It also contains insoluble fiber, which helps in improving digestion. Black Diamond Apple is rich in Vitamin C and A as well as potassium and iron. Black Diamond Apple is also rich in antioxidants. Besides, it also helps the body in fighting free radicals.

In how many days does the black apple tree start bearing fruits?

If we talk about the price of this apple, then the price per apple can be around Rs 500. Its prices keep going up and down. Growing Black Diamond Apple requires a lot of care and special skills. Apart from this, in terms of production, this apple grows less compared to other apples, due to which Black Diamond Apples are so expensive. It takes 8 years for a black apple tree to become fruitful. Cultivation of black apple can prove to be very beneficial for the farmers.