Know the benefits and downsides of Arabian Jasmine also known as Mogra flower.

Published on: 06-Jan-2024

Mogra grows mainly in the month of March. Mogra is white in colour and is used to make gajras, fragrances, and incense sticks. It is a very fragrant flower. Mogra is utilised in medicine since it has various therapeutic benefits.

Mogra is recognised for its lively aroma at night. Because of this, many love to use Mogra to decorate their houses. It is also utilised for religious activities. Mogra is a flower that symbolises peace and purity.

Types of Mogra

There are mainly three types of Mogra. In which different types of flowers come like yellow, pink and white. Palampur Mogra, Moat Mogra, Jasminem Mogra, all these are species of Mogra.

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Pros of Mogra Flower

The flower of Mogra has several advantages. It is also utilised in Ayurvedic remedies as well, as used as an offering to Lord Vishnu. It is preferred to be planted at those places which are away from sunlight.

Provides Relief from Stress and Anxiety

Mogra flower relieves tension and anxiety. Oil is also manufactured from Mogra flowers, which is thought to be highly useful for body massage and can help with intoxication.

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Protection from Insects

We can plant a Mogra tree in our home or garden. Its fragrance keeps mosquitoes away. We may also use a diffuser made of Mogra flower, which not only keeps the aroma in the house but also keeps the atmosphere light.

Advantageous to fight against Diabetes

Mogra flowers can also help individuals with diabetes. Consuming Mogra flower tea provides relief from diseases like diabetes. Besides, it also balances blood glucose.

Relief from Cold & Cough

Consuming Mogra gives relief from colds and coughs. Mogra possesses antimicrobial qualities, which lowers the risk of health issues. Consuming it helps to keep the digestive system regulated and prevents other disorders.

Relief from muscle pain

Mogra is used to relieve muscular soreness and is also beneficial in stomach-related disorders. According to study, Mogra is also suitable for cancer patients. Massage therapy can help you avoid muscle pain.

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Disadvantages of consuming Mogra

It has lot of benefits however few disadvantages too. Overconsumption of it can lead to harmful effects on our body.

Consuming excessively can lower blood sugar levels

Excessive Mogra use might lower blood sugar levels in the body, causing dizziness and headaches. Low blood sugar causes the heart rate to increase.

Infertility problem

Women should consume Mogra after consulting a doctor, as it is used as a medicine. That is why excessive usage of Mogra might lead to infertility. Pregnant women should avoid consuming it.

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People with low sugar level to not consume Mogra

People with low sugar levels should avoid using Mogra. Mogra lowers blood glucose levels in the body, which might cause a variety of difficulties. Mogra flower is not only beautiful, but it also has several health advantages. It is also used to treat oral ulcers. It also helps with cancer and diabetes. We also use the Mogra tree to relieve tension. Mogra may also be utilised to treat skin disorders and to give our faces a healthy shine.