Let's know which tractor of escorts is best in carriage and mileage?

Published on: 13-Dec-2023

Farmer brothers, if you are thinking of buying a powerful tractor to make farming comfortable, then the escort MPT jawan tractor can be a wonderful option for you. This tractor consists of a powerful engine that can produce 25 horsepower, which can make any tasks related to farming easy.

Different types of agricultural machinery and tools are used for farming. At present every farmer needs a tractor because it helps in completing farming tasks within less time. If you are also thinking of making farming easy by buying an excellent tractor, then the escort MPT jawan tractor can be a great option for you. This tractor of the company has a powerful engine that produces 25 horsepower, which makes it sufficient to do hard and challenging tasks.

What are the specialities of Escorts MPT jawan?

In this tractor of Escorts Company you get to see the Water Cooled Engine in 2 cylinders, which produces 25 HP power. This tractor provides Oil Bath Type Air Filter, which keeps its engine quite preserved. This tractor of escorts comes with a maximum forward speed of 31.8 kmph. Plus, its reverse speed has been fixed at 13.1 kmph. This tractor of the company brings a 42 -liter capacity fuel tank, with its  single refueling you can do farming work for a long time.

 The weight lifting capacity of Escorts MPT jawan has been fixed at 1000 kg, with which farmers can transport more crops to large markets in a short time. This tractor of company weighs 1760 kg. This tractor is manufactured with extremely strong wheelbase.

The price and warranty of escort MPT jawan

●The ex -showroom price of Escorts MPT jawan tractor in India has been fixed at Rs 4.10 lakh to Rs 4.55 lakh. The on -road price of this escort tractor may vary due to the RTO registration and road tax in all the states. The company provides a warranty of up to 1 year with its Escort mpt jawan tractor.