Let's know why bamboo is called the ATM of farmers?

By: Merikheti
Published on: 24-Nov-2023

Bamboo has proved that it is capable of developing itself under any circumstances. Because it is the reason for the ability to bring changes according to its climate diversity. Tell that whether it is flood or drought, desert or mountainous area, bamboo grows very easily. It can also grow easily in fertile or barren land.

From the courtyard of the house of bamboo farmers to the battlefield , there is a durable versatile natural plant supporting many works ranging against enemies. It is also very useful in life because of the marriage from the wedding pavilion to the bed of death. The demand for bamboo is increasing day by day. Therefore, it is called 'Green Gold'. It is known as a real ATM for farmers.

Let's know about green gold i.e. about the usefulness of bamboo

As we all know, bamboo is a multi -use plant. It is because of this that it is called Green Gold. Bamboo is used in abundance from building construction to catering and cottage industry. Incense sticks are also used in industry, packing industry, paper industry and generating electricity etc. Normally, while building a cemented house in cities - towns or villages, you will have an eye on its use. However, it is also very useful in making decorative, kitchen and household items. It is used as an instrument and Ayurvedic medicine. With this, magnificent quality disciples and mats are prepared. Bamboo houses are considered more secure in natural disasters such as earthquakes, storms and flood areas. Not only this, bamboo has an important role in preventing soil -delay. In flood areas where other crops are damaged, bamboo is safe.

Bamboo is called ATM of farmers

Bamboo is called the ATM of farmers. Due to its use in many things, there is no problem in selling bamboo. Buyers or traders themselves, cut off bamboo from the fields. There is no mess of the market, no chick of price. Along with this, in other crops where one has to be monitored at all times. It takes a lot of human labour. Along with this, there is no need for much human labour in bamboo gardens, once applied. Along with this, from 5 years to 30 years, it keeps income regularly. Due to these special qualities, bamboo is called the ATM of farmers.

The brilliant varieties of bamboo are as follows

According to the National Agricultural Forestry Research Center Jhansi, 58 varieties of bamboo are usually found in India. These species are in eastern and western areas. The St. Actus dynasty in India is found to be 45 percent, Bombusa Bombay; 13 percent and Dendrox Miltney 7 percent. Bamboo seeds are like rice. Bamboo tissue is planted from the plant prepared through culture. 

Bamboo cultivation has a profit of millions in less cost

After every four years, bamboo gardens are ready. Then you can harvest bamboo. You can take 15 to 20 lakh income from one acre in four years or by applying on the ridge, you can take income of up to 20 thousand per year. Bamboo lasts for a lifetime of 30 years. In this way, by applying bamboo horticulture, you can also earn good and definite income in flood areas. It is a sales plant all the time, due to which it is also called green gold. The National Bangu Mission is being run to encourage its cultivation in India. At present, the government is also providing grants under the National Betu Mission. You can benefit by becoming a participant.