Farmer Raju Kumar Chaudhary has provided important information related to the cultivation of Kundru.

Published on: 27-Sep-2023

Kundru is a creeper vegetable crop. For this reason it is not cultivated like brinjal and potato. For the cultivation of Kundru, a wooden stand is made in the field, with the help of which the creepers of Kundru spread. Besides, pesticides should also be sprayed on the Kundru crop as per time. Farmers in Bihar are now doing new experiments in horticulture every day. They are  cultivating green vegetables as per market demand. Due to this the income of farmers has also increased. There are hundreds of farmers in Bihar who are earning huge income by selling vegetables. Today we will talk about one such farmer, who is earning lakhs of rupees from Kundru cultivation. Now other farmers also learn the nuances of farming from him.

Where is farmer Raju Kumar Choudhary from?

He is a resident of Bochahan block in Muzaffarpur district. He cultivates Kundru in his village Chakhelal. From this he earns Rs 25 lakh in a year. The main thing is that Raju Kumar Choudhary cultivates Kundru in only 1 acre. According to him, there is many times more profit in Kundru cultivation as compared to traditional crops.

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For how many days can farmers produce kundru?

According to farmer Raju, Kundru is such a vegetable, which earns huge income when cultivated. Kundru crop gives production for 10 months in a year. This means that you can pluck vegetables from the Kundru garden for 10 months. Raju Kumar Chaudhary says that Kundru is not produced between December and January. After this, you can get production of Kundru from it for 10 months.

Kundru dishes are also good in taste

According to farmer Raju, Kundru is a type of cash crop. The cost of its cultivation is also very low. The main thing is that Raju has cultivated N-7 variety of Kundru. He had imported this seed from Bengal. The specialty of the N-7 variety is that its yield is higher as compared to common Kundru. Besides, it also tastes very good in food.

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How much can farmers earn from the cultivation of Kundru in one portion of ​​land?

If you cultivate Kundru even in a small portion of land, you can earn a good income. By cultivating Kundru in one portion of land, you can yield up to one quintal of Kundru every fourth day. According to this, farmers can produce 70 to 80 quintals of Kundru in a year, which will generate an income of Rs 1.50 lakh. Also, Raju has told that he earns an annual income of Rs 20 to 25 lakh by cultivating Kundru in one acre.