60 percent subsidy provided for the installation of solar pumps under this scheme

Published on: 30-Dec-2023

The government continuously operates various schemes for the benefit of the farmers. Currently The government is running a scheme named “Kusum” for cooperation in the agriculture sector, which one can take advantage of .  Solar pump is a means by which the farmers get relief from the electricity bill. It is also very beneficial for the environment. Under various schemes of the government grants are provided to farmers for installing solar pump . Talking  of  its cost,  it depends on the irrigation requirements in the agricultural process, the nature of the soil of the field and the capacity of the solar pump. You can also take advantage of the government's schemes for the installation of solar pumps. The government provides grants to farmers for installing solar pumps under many schemes

What percentage of subsidy is being provided to the farmers  under the Kusum Scheme?

Let us make you aware that Kusum is also one of these schemes under which farmers are provided with a grant of 60% for the installation of the solar pumps  as the reports suggest these Solar pumps are provided free of cost to panchayats and cooperative societies too besides farmers apart from it . In addition to it the government also provides loans up to 30% of the cost for setting up solar pump plants around the farms . This is the reason that the farmers have to invest around only 10% of the total in the project . With the support of this scheme  the farmers can resolve the problems they face while irrigation and wouldn’t have to manage unwanted expenses of diesel pumps and electricity bills

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Documents required to apply for the subsidy under KUSUM scheme

1)Aadhaar card 

2)Ration card

3)Bank Details

Benefits of Using a Solar Pump

1)Farming through solar pumps does not require electricity, due to which farmers get rid of electricity bills

2)Solar pumps are also extremely beneficial for the environment, because they do not spread pollution

3)The cost of solar pumps is very low and their maintenance is also quite normal