Detailed information about beneficial garlic crop for health

Published on: 06-Feb-2024

Garlic is cultivated on a large scale in most states of India. It is cultivated by farmers between October and November. In the cultivation of garlic, the buds are sown under the ground by farmers and covered with soil. Before sowing, see that the tubers are not spoiled, if the tuber is spoiled, the entire garlic crop can be spoiled.

While sowing garlic, the distance between the buds should be the same. Garlic cultivation requires very low temperatures. Its crop is neither required to have much cold nor too much heat. Garlic contains an element called Elsin, causing smell of garlic.

Climate suitable for garlic cultivation

We need a normal temperature for garlic cultivation. The ripening of garlic tubers depends on its temperature. Garlic crops can also be spoiled due to excessive cold and heat.

How to prepare garlic field

After ploughing the garlic field well, use cow dung in the field, and mix it well in the soil. Plough the field again so that cow dung manure can be mixed well in the field. After this, you can do irrigation work in the field. If any diseases like weeds are seen in the field, then we can also use chemical fertiliser for that.

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What are the benefits of eating garlic:

  • Help in increasing immunity

Eating garlic increases immunity, it contains elements called Elsin. Which helps in increasing the immunity inside the body. Garlic contains zinc, phosphorus and magnesium which is very beneficial for our body.

  • Helps to reduce cholesterol

Garlic is helpful in reducing cholesterol, increasing cholesterol is harmful to our health. They are helpful in removing useless cholesterol. Garlic is helpful in reducing heart -related problems by thinning the blood.

  • Prevention of diseases like cancer

Garlic is also helpful in prevention of cancer disease. There are many elements found inside garlic that prevent the growing cells of cancer from spreading. Garlic is considered beneficial for people suffering from cancer.

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  • Aid in digestion process

Eating garlic is considered accessible to digestion. By taking garlic in the diet, it reduces inflammation on the intestines. Eating garlic ends insects in the stomach. Also, it benefits the intestines. Eating garlic destroys the useless bacteria inside the body.

What are the harm caused by eating garlic

Eating garlic has many benefits, but sometimes it is harmful to use more garlic. Know the disadvantages caused by excessive use of garlic:

  • Harmful for people with low blood pressure

Eating garlic is considered better for people with high blood pressure, but this can have side effects on people with low blood pressure. Garlic effect is hot, due to which it is not beneficial for people with low blood pressure. Its food can cause nausea and burning sensation on the chest etc.

  • Problems like gas and acidity can occur

Eating garlic can cause many problems related to digestion, eating more garlic can also cause diseases like diarrhoea. People with weak digestive bears do not get much garlic digestion well, due to which diseases like stomach gas, pain and acidity are also produced.

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  • Promotes problems like bloodshed and allergies

Those who consume garlic daily may have problems like blood pressure. Garlic should not be used by people suffering from allergies. If a person already has allergies, then he can use garlic by consulting health consultation.

Garlic is mostly consumed during the winter season, because garlic is hot. In winter, roasted garlic is eaten by most people, because it is helpful in reducing weight and keeping the heart healthy. But using garlic more than necessary can also cause many damage to the body. Consuming garlic on an empty stomach can also cause problems like acidity.

Garlic has some disruptions that dilute blood, which are good for heart related problems. If garlic is used more, it may face challenges like bleeding. The best way to eat garlic is that you consume garlic with a glass of warm water on an empty stomach in the morning. It controls health related problems. Also, it is considered extremely useful for skin diseases.