In how much time period can garlic be obtained’

Published on: 30-Sep-2023

Farmers can easily produce garlic inside their homes. It is ready in about eight months. Garlic is a spice that can easily enhance the taste and flavor of any dish. Also, the importance of garlic from the point of view of health is not hidden from anyone. In Ayurveda, garlic is said to be a medicine of hundred diseases. If you want to include fresh garlic in the home plate, you can grow it in your home. For this, it is important to take special care of some things. By adopting some easy tips, you can enjoy homegrown garlic.

Farmers should choose only better quality garlic

If you are planning to grow garlic inside your home, always make sure that you choose the best quality garlic. This will lead to a much better production. Choose strong and unblemished large buds, which will help in growing the best quality garlic.

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What should be the soil for garlic production

Growing garlic at home is not easy. For this, the pH value of the soil should be around 7.0. The soil should not be highly acidic or alkaline. Mixing cow dung with manure in the soil will be beneficial. Add cow dung equal to half the amount of soil. Fertilizers with high nitrogen can damage the plant.

Use of organic manure beneficial in garlic crop

Garlic crop is ready to ripen within eight months. Then the leaves start turning yellow leaving green. The use of organic manure is considered better for garlic crop.

Plant garlic as follows

Remove the garlic clove very carefully. Do not remove the flaky peel at all. Do not damage the tubers when separating the buds. It is best to plant large buds, in which small shoots are visible. There should be a distance of 6 inches between the rows for planting. After planting, add a limited amount of water and cover the bud with soil.