What is the easy way to grow potatoes at home that can be used with every vegetable?

Published on: 06-Jan-2024

Anyone can save a lot of money by growing potatoes at home. This is a vegetable which is used in every dish. Potato is a vegetable which is used in every household. It is the most commonly used vegetable in Indian homes. Potato curry is prepared in different ways in homes. But do you know that you can grow it at home also? After planting it at home, the hassle of buying potatoes from the market will be eliminated, let's know the easy way to plant it at home.

Take special care of these things while growing potatoes

If you want to grow potatoes at home, then choose good seeds. To grow potatoes, you should choose only certified seeds. Apart from this, you can also use potatoes as seeds. If you are using potatoes, then use the seeds with white buds or sprouts visible. Because of this, plants will emerge soon.

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Soil plays an important role in the cultivation of potatoes or any other crop. For this you should take excellent soil and add good fertilizer to it. For this you can use 50 percent soil, 30 percent vermi compost and 20 percent coco peat. Mix all these things and plant them in a big pot.

Grow better potatoes at home

Bury the potato seedlings 5-6 inches below the soil in the pot, container or bed. Cover it properly and add water. You can also use big pots from the market, grow bags, any old bucket or container at home.