Farmer quit his work in Switzerland and began banana cultivation; presently, his turnover is 100 crores.

Published on: 30-Aug-2023

Alok Aggarwal is now the founder and CEO of TridentAgro. This corporation has several banana farms throughout Maharashtra. TridentAgro also works with around 20,000 farmer brothers who harvest bananas.

Almost everyone enjoys consuming bananas. Bananas contain several minerals, including vitamin C, dietary fibre, vitamin B6, and manganese. Bananas are grown in practically every corner of India. Many farmers in India have earned millions through banana growing. But today, we'll talk about one such personality. This man quit a solid career overseas and moved to India to start a banana farm. Within little time, he has built an enterprise worth crores of rupees. Currently, it also supplies bananas to overseas nations.

Alok Aggarwal grew rich from banana exports.

For your information, the farmer's name is Alok Aggarwal. He is a native of Mumbai. Previously, Alok worked in logistics for banana export in Switzerland. Farmer Alok Aggarwal learned everything he needed to know about banana export and import. Following this, he quit his work and relocated to India, where he launched a banana company. Let us inform you that in the year 2015, he founded TridentAgro. Following that, he began exporting bananas to India through this firm.

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The firm also grows bananas through contract farming.

The unique feature is that this firm also grows bananas through contract farming. In addition to exporting bananas, Alok Agarwal manufactures chips and snacks. In addition, they create various banana goods. Currently, his firm has an annual revenue of Rs 100 crore.

Alok Aggarwal built a buisness worth one billion.

The essential point is that after launching the firm, Alok Aggarwal began educating farmers in the Pune region in banana farming, which resulted in a large rise in banana production. He also explained to the farmers how to raise high-quality bananas. Also, how are they preserved to ensure their long-term safety? He spoke to the farmers for the first time about the necessity of fruit care. This is why, thanks to the farmers' hard work and Alok's determination, he built a firm worth Rs 100 crore.