Madhuca Longifolia: What are the utilities and features of Mahua tree

Published on: 20-Dec-2023

Mahua Ka Ped is of great importance in tribal tribes. Some societies in India also call it as Kalpavriksha. The importance of employment and food for rural tribes in remote forest areas of Central and Western India is very high.

It is known by different local names in different states. Movra in Hindi, Indian Butter Tree in English, Madhuka in Sanskrit, Gud Pushpa etc are names by which mahua is known. Mahua is called Madhuka in Sanskrit, which means sweet, its tree and the prepared drink is considered quite sacred in tribes.

Breaking the branch of its tree is considered quite inauspicious. The people of this community include the miraculous Mahua tree in ancestral property. Also, like the remaining property, they also share it. Its utilities are the main reasons for considering it property.

Madhuca Longifolia: Mahua tree's geographical area

This tree is grown easily in dry areas. It is a major tree of the tropical deciduous forest of central India. The main feature of this tree is that it can be grown under any geographical situation, but in the most luxurious sand soil. Most of this tree in India is found in North India and Central India.

Generally found states are Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. After the leaves fall in February, its tree has white coloured flowers, which are also used for consumption in backward tribes.

In general, the flower in the tree lasts from February to April. In this, flowers are used in the form of bunches, 10-60 flowers are used in a bunch. After that the fruit season lasts from July to August. Its fruit is known by Kalandi in common language. Which looks like a very kundru in appearance

Madhuca Longifolia: Mahua Ka Ped is also used domestic

It was used as domestic medicine and food among the villages of India and tribes, which is still prevalent in some areas. In Ayurveda, a medicine is used from a tree.

In hot areas, it is cultivated for its flowers, seeds and wood. Its fruit is also a very favourite food among animals and birds.

Madhuca Longifolia: What is the medicinal use of Mahua tree?

Research conducted by scientists has found that many parts of the tree have many qualities. For example, its flower has the ability to relieve pain, protect the liver, be a diuretic and fight anti-skin diseases. Its leaves have properties like anti -bloody, reducing irritation.

The leaves also have the ability to conserve from diseases like stomach bleeding, haemorrhoids. Its fruit is used in asthma, bark - diabetes, throat and seed - burning, wounds and diabetes.