Farmer is earning crores from farming using modern techniques

By: Merikheti
Published on: 25-Feb-2024

Nowadays, youth consider farming as a loss-making deal and prefer working in big cities. But it is not so, farming is also a good source of income. If farmers use modern technologies safely while farming, they can easily earn huge profits. 

In this news of a successful farmer, today we will tell you the story of a farmer from Madhya Pradesh, who understood the importance of modern techniques in farming and now he is earning crores of rupees from farming annually.

At present, many farmers in India are doing amazing farming. This is amazing farming because by changing the farming methods, huge profits can be earned. 

However, some farmers have gone many times beyond this. Where do we talk about lakhs many farmers in the country are earning crores of rupees annually from just one or two crops? 

Yes, in this series of successful farmers, today we will tell you the story of one such farmer, who is earning profits worth crores annually by cultivating vegetables. We are talking about progressive farmer Madhusudan Dhakad, who is a native of Shivba village in Harda district of Madhya Pradesh.

Homemade vegetable nursery 

If we talk about his education, he has studied till 10th. Farmer Madhusudan has been cultivating vegetables for the last 15 years. Among vegetables, he cultivates tomato, hot chili, capsicum, and ginger. 

Also, farmer Madhusudan cultivates vegetables on about 200 acres of land. Farmer Madhusudan Dhakad himself prepares the nursery for all these vegetables. For this, he prepares at least 20 lakh saplings. 

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He has not received any financial assistance from anywhere for this work.

Yield of hundreds of quintals of vegetables

If we talk about marketing, then according to farmer Madhusudan Dhakad, he sells his vegetables in the markets of different states of India. Also, traders from many states come to his farm to buy his vegetables. 

If we talk about yield, the yield of capsicum is three to four hundred quintals per acre. But, the production of hot chili is 150 to 200 quintals per acre. At the same time, the yield of ginger is 100 to 110 quintals per acre. 

At the same time, the production of tomatoes is 1000-1200 carats per acre.

Madhusudan is enjoying crores of rupees annually 

If we talk about cost and profit, then according to farmer Madhusudan Dhakad, the cost of tomatoes is up to Rs 1.5 lakh per acre. Also, the cost of ginger comes to around Rs 2 lakh per acre. Similarly, the cost of capsicum comes up to Rs 2 lakh per acre. 

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At the same time, the cost of hot chili reaches up to Rs 1 lakh per acre. Also, progressive farmer Madhusudan Dhakad said that he earns a profit of three to four crore rupees annually from all the crops. 

Madhusudan's message for farmers

Farmer Madhusudan Dhakad has given a message to the farmers that apart from their traditional farming, the farmers of the country should also adopt other new farming techniques. Farmers should remain constantly updated in farming and should also keep changing farming according to time. 

He said that just as farmers make changes in their lives, there should be continuous changes in farming in the same way.