85% percent grant will be given to open fox nut processing unit in Bihar

Published on: 09-Jan-2024

If you want to earn lakhs by setting up fox nut processing units, then today's article is very beneficial for you. In India, 85% of the fox nut is produced only in Bihar. Mithilanchal fox nut of Bihar has also achieved GI Tag. With fox nut cultivation, the state government is emphasising on fox nut processing. In this episode, a capital subsidy has been offered to set up a fox nut processing unit.

With this move of the state government, you will be able to earn a great amount by setting up fox nut processing units. However, due to lack of processing units, the farmer does not make much profit even after high yields. In such a situation, the Nitish government of Bihar has taken a big step towards increasing the income of fox nut producing farmers.

Fox nut processing unit will be encouraged

Actually, the Bihar government believes that despite being a fox nut producing state, farmers of Bihar are not able to earn proper profits. Due to lack of food processing units, farmers are forced to sell their yields at a low price. If the fox nut processing unit in the state is encouraged, then the income of farmers will increase. Also, farmers will also become self -sufficient. This is the reason that the government has decided to give a grant on fox nut processing units to the farmers. For this, under the Bihar Agricultural Promotion Policy, the government has created a plan to increase the fox nut processing unit.

Farmers can benefit from grant

Farmers can apply to avail this scheme. Under the scheme, grants will be given to farmers who want to set up a processing unit. To take advantage of the grant, you will have to apply online by visiting the Horticulture Directorate website https://horticulture.bihar.gov.in.

How much grant will be received to open a fox nut processing unit?

If you want to invest through personal, partnership, committee or any company to open a processing unit, then you will get a grant of up to 15 percent. At the same time, there will be a 25% percent grant for farmer producing companies. Farmers will have to apply on time to avail the grant. If farmers want to achieve more information, then they can directly contact the District Horticulture Officer.

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Fox nut is cultivated in these districts of Bihar state

Makhana of Bihar is famous in the country and the world. This is the reason that GI tag has also been achieved to Mithila's fox nut. Fox nut is cultivated in Bihar mostly in Supaul, Madhubani, Samastipur and Darbhanga districts. Bihar's participation in fox nut's yield is 80 to 90 percent. Now in such a situation, farmers of Bihar can avail this scheme of the government.