Now farmers will not have to spend for measuring land, just one click

Published on: 11-Sep-2023

If you want to know the direction of the plot, then for this you will have to download the compass app on your mobile. After downloading the app, open the app and place the mobile on your plot map. Even in this technological era, farmers or other people still use tape or rope to measure the land or house plot. Even today, many people spend money to get their land measured. The main thing is that different people are required to measure the land with the help of tape, rope, etc. This increases the cost significantly. But, today such a system is available that you can measure your plot accurately through mobile alone.

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Besides, you can also check the direction of the land. For this, you just have to download an app on your mobile. After this, with the help of this app, you can easily measure your land or house plot through mobile. The main thing is that at the time of constructing a house, the direction information of the plot should be correct. Because, according to Vastu, the toilet, bedroom, temple, and kitchen are constructed in the right direction. There should not be any problem after this.

The correct method to measure the direction of land or plot through mobile

In today's time, everyone has a smart phone. If you want to measure land with the help of a mobile, then download the GPS Fields Area Measure or GPS Area Calculator app on your smartphone. This is the best app to measure land. Now open this app on mobile. After a few seconds, a new page will open. After that, you will see a search option. You will have to click on that search option.

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The field can be measured

After this, search for any land you want to measure here. Now you have to click on the button number 1 as per the picture. Now as soon as you click on button number 1, three options will appear on your mobile screen. But, you will have to click on option number 2. Now slowly touch the land you want to measure, as per the picture given above, as soon as you do this, the measurement of the land or field will be visible.

The correct direction of the plot will be considered as

To check the direction of the plot, you will have to download the Compass app on your smartphone. After this, the smartphone will have to be placed over the plot map. Suppose your plot is 20 x 40 square feet, then it will show you around 205 degrees in mobile. The main thing is that you have to rotate your mobile until it reaches zero (0) degrees. Wherever 0 degrees comes, it will be considered as the correct direction of your mobile.