Best ways to protect potato crops from blight disease

By: Merikheti
Published on: 09-Dec-2023

For your kind information, due to unexpected fall in rain, cloud and temperature and due to fog, not only potato but also tomato, ginger and onion crops are also prone to loss. With the increase in production, sensitivity towards diseases also increases. At present, potato crops are sensitive towards late blight. Its outbreak starts from the upper leaves. In initial stages, edges of leaves start blackening. Then infection spreads very fast to complete leaves and stems to fibrous roots. This is more dangerous than early blight. If not treated in initial stages, the whole crop can die within 2-3 days.

Prevent blight disease with these steps 

Farmers should spread mancozeb with carbendazim. Concentration should be kept 2.5-3 grams per litre of water. If necessary, spray again a second time after two weeks of first preventive spray.

How to control centipede 

In this weather, mustard crops along with other vegetables are prone to infection due to centipede and its associated viral disease. With the outbreak, leaves get curled around and thicken and stiffen. Plant growth stops and increment stops and the production gets affected. For prevention spread metasystox 1.5 ml mixed in per litre of water. Keep the farm humid to prevent frost. You can also spray mancozeb. 

Other crops of vegetables will also get affected.

If the weather becomes out of order, onion, garlic growth also stops. Most of the onions are sown or are in a nursery. To sow onion, use 10 kilograms of sulphur with other fertilisers in basel dressing. Bentonite sulphur is an amazing product from IFFCO. If the nursery face rotting, spray mancozeb, carbendazim and sulphur. According to experts, spraying 18:18:18 ( soluble fertiliser) can be useful in increasing productivity. Due to low temperature, roots of garlic can shorten. Spray 13:0:45 for this. Add 10 grams of manure in one litre of water. Add 6 mg of sticker for better results. Fruits and flowers start falling in vegetables in this weather. To prevent that, spray micronutrients.