The platform MeriKheti was relaunched in the presence of farmers and agricultural scientists.

By: Merikheti
Published on: 19-Jan-2024

On the day of January 18 MeriKheti was relaunched by honorable MLA of Sahibabad Sunil Sharma. The event observed the presence of many prominent and experienced agricultural experts and progressive farmers  of Pusa like JPS Dabas, CB Singh, Dr. Harish, Dr. Vipin Kumar and many more.The founder of MeriKheti Shri Krishna Pathak walked everyone through the journey of the platform.Additionally, agricultural specialists and farmers were recognised for their remarkable work in the field. organizes Kisan Panchayat every month for farmers. provides a forum for farmers and specialists to engage, with the goal of providing farmers with answers to agricultural challenges. MeriKheti works hard to raise farmers' awareness and give them with valuable information. The platform has only one goal: to give farmers with valuable information while also promoting a prosperous farming system. Furthermore, if there is an event or programme relating to the field, MeriKheti makes every attempt to cover it. Meri Kheti's official Facebook page posts information about the Kisan Panchayats that take place every month.

Need for farmers to be aware

It is necessary for our farmers brothers to be aware so as to change their situation. If these farmers opt to perform farming or agriculture in a well-established method, they will be able to achieve great success and progress. . web portal provides completely accurate and concrete information to the farmers besides the platform also oats to work for providing real-time solution to the farmers problems. With the intention for working for the farmers and keeping them as the first priority we provide them with valuable issights periodically and also organising Kisan Panchayats monthly.