Kisan Panchayat organized by Merikheti in the month of December

By: Merikheti
Published on: 18-Dec-2023 organizes it's yearly kisan panchayat in different parts of the country. Merikheti organizes these panchayats for farmers to be connected to scientists and have maximum profit using new farming methods. Merikheti's December month kisan panchayat was held in Dulhera village of Meerut district, reputed and experienced scientists like C. B. Singh retired ICAR pusa, TMU Director-Kehar Singh and Sudhir Chaudary were also invited to help farmers. They also listened to the standard geographic problems of the farmers and suggested solutions. 

Kehar Singh retired Director MTU said that use of fertilizers should be reduced. Less use of fertilizers help to increase the natural fertility of the soil. He said that farmers need to stick together and fight. If farmers stick together and produce then they can get fertilizers, seeds, etc for cheap, and better prices. 

Dr. C. B. Singh retired ICAR pusa encouraged farmers to do organic farming. He urged farmers to adapt with the changing world and the new techniques of farming. Dr. C. B. Singh believes that with agriculture farmers to dairy farming it would be beneficial. Problems related to agriculture are nicely resolved by agricultural scientists. That's why farmers should consult to there nearest agricultural scientists for better production.