Merikheti organised the Kisan Panchayat of October

By: MeriKheti
Published on: 15-Oct-2023

Farmers as you all know, Meri Kheti organises Kisan Panchayat every month in the interest of farmers. Like every month, this month, the Meriheti Kisan Panchayat was organised in village Bayana district Ghaziabad under the chairmanship of Pramod Tyagi. During this panchayat, important issues related to agriculture were discussed between senior agricultural scientists and farmers. During the Kisan Panchayat, the farmers kept their own problems for which a satisfactory solution was described by agricultural scientists.. Dr. CB Singh Principal Scientist (RETD) Iari ji, after listening to the problems related to paddy, shared the possible solution with the farmers. Also, various options for higher income for fairy-nervous farmers were discussed in detail. Dr. CB Singh told the farmers that due to better cultivation, the fertiliser of the field increases to a great extent. Because of this, while doing farming, you should grow crops in your field using better technology for farming. Doing this will also have a positive effect on the fertiliser power of your farm. Also, he said that if you are not growing crops on your land, then you should do animal husbandry etc. on the part of that land etc.

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