Merikheti team covered the fair organised at Punjab Agricultural University

Published on: 21-Sep-2023

A grand two-day farmers and animal husbandry fair was organised at Punjab Agricultural University. Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann reached here and gave awards to the people who promoted the agriculture sector.

During this, Chief Minister Mann stated that PAU, which is the pride of Punjab agriculture and dear to the hearts of Punjabis, has provided guidance to the farm sector. Farmers attended the exhibition to learn about a variety of innovative technology.

CM Bhagwant Mann stated at the time that when I arrived, I was pleased to observe on the canal route that Punjabi youngsters were clutching sacks of seeds and heading out to farm. He stated that farming practices have altered. Agriculture has progressed thanks to scientific advances. There are now several irrigation techniques in the fields, rather than just one.

Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann says Punjab is the largest producer of Basmati rice in India.

CM Bhagwant Mann stated during the programme that the Punjab government has pushed farmers to grow Basmati rice. Punjab is India's leading producer of basmati. We learned about the Basmati standards used elsewhere. Pesticides that have been prohibited for Basmati in other countries. Ten of these sprays were prohibited by our government. So Basmati is bought as much as possible.

Meri Kheti's correspondent spoke with the Agriculture Minister

MeriKheti journalist Sonesh Pathak ji informed Punjab Agriculture Minister Shri Gurmeet Singh Khudian about all farmer-friendly initiatives on his website. In addition, he emphasised the usage and relevance of contemporary and cutting-edge technology in agriculture. Punjab is an agricultural state. There are several prospects for agricultural success here.