Milk production capability and price of jafarabadi buffaloes

Published on: 21-Nov-2023

Animal farmers can obtain good profit by milk production. Name of jafarabadi buffalo is taken from the jafrabad region of Gujarat. Because it originated in jafrabad. Jafarabadi buffalo give milk for longer periods than other buffaloes. Animal farmers can use it for milk production power. Because it gives more milk than other buffaloes. 

There is a very primitive tradition of animal husbandry in rural areas of India. In recent years, interest towards animal husbandry has increased rapidly. It is the second major part of income for the rural economy after farming. By the medium of animal husbandry, farmers can earn amazing profit. In general, farmers prefer to rear cows and buffaloes. Because, by their milk they can earn amazing profit. Considering the increase in demand for milk, the trend of cow and buffalo rearing has rapidly increased recently. Along with this, because of these demands, the business of dairy is also spreading. 

Body structure of jafarabadi buffaloes 

Although, all the varieties of cows and buffaloes are outstanding and one step ahead of each other. But, there's one variety of buffalo which is discussed a lot. This variety of buffalo is also called ‘the Bahubali’ of buffaloes. Because this buffalo seems to be very healthy and fit. Yes, we are talking about the jafarabadi buffaloes. If you also want to earn a good profit by this dairy business then jafarabadi buffaloes are a good option.

Milk production capability and price of jafarabadi buffaloes

Jafarabadi buffaloes have originated from Saurashtra area of Gujarat. It is found in gir forests and the areas around like Jamnagar, Porbandar, Rajkot, junagadh and bhavnagar. Name of this variety of buffalo was kept in the Amreli district of Gujarat. This  variety (jafarabadi ) of buffalo is seen in large numbers. The weight of the jafarabadi variety of buffaloes is usually heavy. For the farmers involved in the dairy business, this variety is no less tenn than diamonds. Because this buffalo can produce 20 to 30 litres of milk everyday which helps farmers earn a decent profit. At the same place if we talk about its price, it ranges around 90 thousand to 1.5 lakhs. Because of its high milk production power, its price is so High. 

It is also known as bhavnagri, gir or jafari.