Leaving the government job, Mukesh is earning big profits from cucumber cultivation through polyhouse

Published on: 14-Sep-2023

 For your information, let you know that young farmer Mukesh says that subsidized money is also received from the government to build a net house. Initially, he got a subsidy of 65% for setting up a net house. However, currently the Haryana government has reduced the grant amount to 50%.

 As we all know that even today people have gone absolutely crazy behind government jobs. It is the desire of every parent that his child gets a government job, so that his whole life becomes secure. Now the government job must be of low level. But, today, we will talk about a person who, leaving a good government job, is now coming to the village and doing farming.

Where is farmer Mukesh from?

Actually, the young farmer we are going to talk about is named Mukesh Kumar. Mukesh is a resident of Karnal district of Haryana. Earlier, he used to work in a government job in the Haryana Board. During the job, Mukesh used to get a salary of 45 thousand rupees per month. But, he did not feel like this government work, so he kicked this job. Today he is farming on his ancestral land with the net house method, due to which he is earning very well.

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Farmer Mukesh is providing employment to the people

Farmer Mukesh is also providing employment opportunities for many other farmers. Mukesh, a farmer, says he has set up four net houses on his land. Farmers Mukesh cultivates cucumbers inside them. According to farmer Mukesh, the demand for cucumbers increases a lot in summer. Now in such a situation, farmer Mukesh has been cultivating cucumbers for almost 2 years. Explain that farmer Mukesh is earning very well from this. This is the reason that he has gradually increased the area of cucumber cultivation. Along with this, Mukesh has also provided employment to many people around him.

Cucumbers can be cultivated throughout the year

Mukesh says that it costs two and a half to three lakh rupees to build a net house. But, the income increases considerably by cultivating it inside. The young farmer says that there are many varieties of cucumbers, which can be cultivated throughout the year inside the net house.


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There is very little wastage of water when irrigation is done by drip method

 Farmer Mukesh says that he has found the biggest feature of cucumber cultivation is that its cultivation consumes very little water. Actually, crops are irrigated through the drip method in the net house. The wastage of water is very less by drip irrigation. Along with this, water reaches the roots of the plants. Farmer Mukesh supplies cucumbers grown in his field to many cities including Delhi and Gurugram. At present, he is selling cucumbers at Rs 15 per kg.