The encouragement of the government increased towards mushroom cultivation in Morni region of Haryana

By: Merikheti
Published on: 10-Dec-2023

The cultivation of mushrooms for the farmers of the Morni region seems to be a boon. The youth here are also seen shining their destiny in the cultivation of mushrooms. The Haryana government is raising the mercy of farmers by giving grants for mushroom cultivation.

Mushroom cultivation is proving to be a boon for the farmers of Morni area of Panchkula district. Most of the unemployed youth here are setting their fate in mushroom cultivation by granting grants from the government. The highest profits for the farmers of the Morni region are being achieved by this farming. Earlier farmers used to cultivate in a traditional manner, in which other cash crops were grown in addition to mustard, sesame, wheat, tomato and maize. But due to the fear of wild animals, most farmers stopped growing these crops and started paying more attention to mushroom cultivation. The Haryana government is also raising the spirits of farmers by giving grants.

What is the most suitable time for farming

The favourable time for mushroom cultivation in the Morni region starts from the first week of December to the end of March. Being aware of this, Yudh Singh Parmar Kaushik, a resident of Bahale village of Morni village, started cultivating mushrooms, in which he is expected to get very good profits. There is a favourable environment for mushroom cultivation in the Morni region of Haryana. This work does not require much land. Farmers can also turn it on with small rooms. After this, you can also start a big business by taking grants by the government.

Great way to produce mushrooms

To produce compost, soak the paddy straw and after a day, it is left to rot by mixing DAP, urea, potash, wheat bran, gypsum and carbofuran . Compost is prepared after about one and a half months. Presently, mixing cow dung and soil equal, about one and a half inch thick layer is laid and two -three inch thick layer of compost is mounted on it. In this, moisture remains stable, so spraying is sprayed two to three times a day on the mushroom. A layer of compost and one or two inch compost is climbed on top of it. In this way the production of mushrooms starts.

How much grant the government is providing

The government has decided to give grants on the three schemes on which the government has decided to give grants to encourage mushroom production, mushroom span unit and mushroom compost production unit. The high cost of these three schemes is Rs 55 lakh. On this, a grant of Rs 27.50 lakh is provided to farmers. If farmers want to take advantage of different schemes, then it is also exempted. Farmers can easily select any scheme.