Specifications and Features of NEW HOLLAND TD 5.90

By: Merikheti
Published on: 04-Dec-2023

Today in this article we will discuss about a very powerful tractor from New Holland. New Holland is a famous and reputed tractor company in India. Farmer's love this tractor from this company. This tractor is designed to cater the needs of big farmers, the New Holland TD 5.90 has a powerful engine of 90hp. This tractor can do all sorts of farming activities. 

Engine specifications of the tractor. 

The New Holland TD 5.90 comes with a powerful and capable 90hp engine. With this tractor you can do all sorts of farming processes and towing activities. It comes with a 2200cc engine which provides impressive power. The tractor engine is a 4-cylinder engine which helps produce the power. 

If we talk about the filter it has a dry type air filter. To keep it cool the tractor uses intercooler and has a coolant cooled engine. 


Talking about the transmission of the New Holland TD 5.90 it comes with a full synchromesh shuttle shift transmission. The tractor has 20 forward speed gears and 12 reverse speed gears; the use of many multiple gears helps maintain speed and deficiency. The tractor has the gear lever position in its side so that there is a lot of legroom and it is comfortable

Clutch type and Breaks

New Holland TD 5.90 tractor has a double clutch feature with an independent clutch Lever. Independent class Lever helps the tractor to change gears easily.

The tractor has an oil dipped hydraulic multi disk brake system.

Steering type

The New Holland TD 5.90 has a power steering due to which the tractor can be controlled easily and turned easily the turning radius of this tractor is very good which helps in the handling of the tractor. 


Talking about the PTO power of the tractor you get a 76.5 horsepower engine which is very powerful. The New Holland TD 5.90 has a 6 shaft PTO. The PTO of the tractor can produce 540 RPM. This tractor also comes with an option of rivers PTO which is economical.

Fuel tank capacity

The tractor has a very large fuel tank with the help of which it can perform for a large amount of time the director has a 110 l capacity fuel tank which is very large in the segment.

Lifting capacity

This tractor has a 3565 kg lifting capacity which is fabulous and I can do all sorts of heavy work. 

Tyre size

In this tractor the company provides 12.4 x 24 front tyre and 18.4 x 30 rear tyre. The tractor comes with 6000 hours or 6 year warranty option. 

The price of the New Holland TD 5.90

New Holland TD 5.90 costs around Rs 26.35 lakhs. New Holland TD 5.90 is one of the best tractors in its segment. There are many different subsidies available on this tractor.