Varieties of number one class rice , the name of India is also

Published on: 18-Jan-2024

As we all know, Basmati rice is considered the world's number one rice. At the same time, after this, rice grown in Japan including Italy, Portugal, and then US comes . People consume rice with pulses, curry and sometimes as biryani. Rice is consumed almost in every household in India. Also, it is used in homes around the world.

According to reports, basmati rice is considered the best rice in the world. This long grain rice is grown in India and Pakistan. The taste of basmati rice is very different. While cooking it does not stick with each other and remains separate. Basmati rice is used in casserole, biryani and salad.

Arborio rice grown in Italy

Now after this, Arborio rice produced in Italy comes. The medium -long rash produced in Italy is rice. Also, Arborio rice is known for its soft, sticky texture. Thick and creamy rice is formed when rice is cooked. Arborio rice is used on normal toast to make risotto. In Portugal, long rash rice is called Carolino. Carolino rice is known for its soft and creamy texture. It cooks thick and creamy rice. Portuguese foods, such as pork biffons and fried rice, often use carolino rice.

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Japan's rice is also included in this

Arizona Royal Rice is a long rash rice grown in the US. Arizona Royal Rice is famous for its soft, creamy texture. Thick and creamy rice is made when it is cooked. Rice grown in Japan is a round, small rash rice called Japanese Sushi rice. Its soft and sticky texture is known as Japanese Sushi rice. It becomes thick and creamy when cooked. Japanese Sushi rice is used to make sushi.