Paddy prices in mandis across the country have reached the seventh sky

Published on: 31-Dec-2023

The cost of paddy has significantly increased, with it being sold in many mandis across India at the rate of Rs 7 thousand per quintal, which is three times more than the minimum support price. The price of all the mandis in India can be found, and paddy arrival continues in mandis across the country. In the middle of this, paddy prices have increased again due to continuous demand in the international market. The news is that in many mandis, paddy is being sold at three times the minimum support price which is great news for the farmers but has resulted in inflation for the general public.

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Good profits will increase prices even though there is a shock of inflation for the general public. But farmers are benefiting from this. The growing demand of paddy and good prices has blossomed farmers' faces. Next, we are going to give you information about those top five mandis of the country in this article. Where paddy is being sold at the highest price.

Price of paddy has reached beyond 7 thousand

As we already told , we want to inform you that the price of paddy has skyrocketed recently. In many mandis across the country, paddy is being sold at a price of Rs 7,000 per quintal, which is three times higher than the government's minimum support price. Currently, the central government has set the minimum support price for paddy at Rs 2,203 per quintal. Paddy prices have increased beyond the MSP in almost all the mandis of India. According to the Agmarknet portal of the Union Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers' Welfare, the highest price for paddy was recorded at Shimoga Mandi in Karnataka on Thursday (28 November), where it was sold at Rs 7,500 per quintal.

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The market was sold at Rs 5600/quintal. Farmers say that this time they have received a very good price from crops during the paddy season. This time, farmers are benefiting from getting a great price compared to the previous year.

Basmati paddy is getting a lot of prices

This time farmers have got good price from the early stages of the paddy season. At the same time, the price was not so good at the beginning last year. This time Basmati paddy is getting the most brilliant price. This time the price is getting up to Rs 1500 more than the last few years. Talking about the mandis across India, the average basmati is being sold at a price of Rs 3000 per quintal.