Learn about the specialty of foxglove flower and its disadvantages

By: MeriKheti
Published on: 24-Oct-2023

As beautiful as the foxglove flower looks, it is also many times more dangerous. Actually, if anyone consumes it, then he can suddenly get a heart attack at any time. Because it contains a powerful compound called cardiac glycosides.

The beauty and fragrance of the flower attracts everyone, due to which its demand in the market is very high. In India, different types of flowers are cultivated, which are very beautiful to see. But the products made in it are much more dangerous. Today we are going to give you information about one such flower, which is very beautiful in appearance. But, as beautiful as it is, it is also harmful. Actually, the name of the flower we are talking about is Foxglove. When scientists researched this flower, it was seen that consuming products made from this flower increases the risk of heart attack. Because, inside this flower, a powerful compound called cardiac glycosides is present. Foxglove flower is most commonly used in herbal medicine.

The foxglove flower would have venom inside it

According to media reports, the foxglove flower contains a very powerful compound called cardiac glycosides. Which is like poison for our body. Consuming it can also cause heart-related disease. Due to this flower, a person can also have a sudden heart attack. It is being said that this flower can also cause conditions like ventricular fibrillation.

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When does this flower come in handy?

For your information, let us know that the biggest feature of this flower is that it is used at the time when all types of medicines stop working. In such a situation, medicine made from this flower plant is consumed so that it can be saved. Research has found that this flower acts directly on the heart muscles. If a person's heart stops working, then the foxglove flower also acts as a lifeline. It pumps blood throughout the human body.

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Why should you not consume foxglove flowers?

This foxglove flower is very helpful for heart failure patients. But, on the other hand, if another person accidentally puts this flowering plant in his mouth, then he should immediately show the doctor around him. Otherwise, he can lose his life from this poisonous plant. By consuming it, the person has to face problems related to vomiting, dizziness, nausea, skin irritation, headache, diarrhoea, blurriness, problems related to urination.