Prevent and treat PPR disease in sheep and goats in this way

By: MeriKheti
Published on: 19-Oct-2023

Sheep and goats suffer from various types of diseases, one of which is PPR disease. This serious disease completely weakens the sheep and goats. But, if you use vaccination and medicine for PPR disease from the beginning, then sheep and goats can be protected. Besides, it can also be prevented.

More than half of the sheep and goats of many farmers and cattle herders often remain sick. It has been found that PPR disease occurs mostly in them. PPR is also known as 'goat epidemic' or 'goat plague'. For this reason, the mortality rate is usually 50 to 80 percent, which can increase up to 100 percent in very serious cases. Today, through this article we will tell you about the diseases occurring in sheep and goats and their prevention.

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You should know that PPR is a viral disease, which is caused by Paramyxovirus. Various other domestic animals and wild animals also get infected with this disease. But, sheep and goats are among the animals most infected by this disease.

What are the signs of this disease in sheep and goats?

Due to this disease, sheep and goats get fever, diarrhea, mouth ulcers, and pneumonia, which even leads to their death. According to a study, there is a loss of ten and a half thousand crore rupees due to PPR disease in the goat rearing sector in India. PPR disease is extremely serious and fatal, especially in lambs, sheep, and goats suffering from malnutrition and parasites. Due to this, the foul smell comes from their mouth and their lips start swelling. The eyes and nose become covered with sticky or putrid discharge. There is a lot of difficulty in opening the eyes and breathing.

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Some animals suffer from severe diarrhea and sometimes even bloody diarrhea. PPR disease can also cause abortion in pregnant sheep and goats. In most cases, sick sheep and goats die within a week of infection.

Treat and control PPR disease in this way

Vaccination of sheep and goats is the only effective way to prevent PPR. Because PPR is a viral disease, there is no specific treatment. However, the death rate can be significantly reduced by using drugs that control bacteria and parasites. Before vaccination, sheep and goats should be given deworming medicine. First of all, healthy goats should be kept in a separate enclosure from infected sheep and goats, so that the disease can be prevented from spreading. After this, treatment of sick goats should be started.

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Antibiotics prescribed by a veterinarian are used to control secondary bacterial infections of the lungs. The wounds near the eyes, nose, and mouth should be cleaned thoroughly with cotton twice a day. Apart from this, sheep and goats get a lot of benefits from washing mouth ulcers with 5% boroglycerin. Only nutritious, clean, soft, moist, and tasty fodder should be given to sick sheep and goats. In case of an outbreak of an epidemic, immediately provide information to the nearby government veterinary hospital through PPR. Dead sheep and goats should be destroyed by burning. Along with this, it is very important to keep the goats' enclosures and utensils clean and pure.