Prime Minister Modi empowered women by initiating this Scheme

Published on: 01-Dec-2023

Prime minister Modi recently initiated the Drone Didi Yojna. PM Modi had a conversation with beneficiaries of Vikas Bharat Sankalp Yatra through video conferencing. 

There are numerous schemes being launched by the government in favour of farmers. Along with this, the government is also working towards increasing women's contribution to agricultural sectors. During today's Vikas Bharat Sankalp Yatra, prime minister Narendra Modi talked to the beneficiaries of Vikas Bharat Sankalp Yatra. During the same, the Prime minister inaugurated a women farmer drone centre.

Under the Drone Didi Yojna, at a budget expense of 1261 crores, 15 thousand drones were distributed to women.

PM Modi: New expectations have arisen for natural justice-social justice values.

According to PM Modi, new expectations have arisen for natural justice-social justice values for understanding and providing rights to the needs of farmers by the government. Along with this, the feeling of ignorance has come to an end in crores of people. The PM says, by the help of self help groups, the campaign of making women self dependent will get strengthened with the help of the Drone Didi Yojna. It will avail new ways of income. It will let farmers avail modern technology like drones at minimum price and with which time,medicine and fertilisers will also be conserved.

What did Agricultural Minister Narendra Singh Tomar stated regarding availing drones to women 

Along with this, agricultural minister Narendra Singh Tomar stated that women will be provided with 15 thousand drones. Actually, by the Drone Didi, women empowerment will also increase and they will be more self dependent, their livelihood will also improve by employment creation. Along with this, use of drones in farming will lead to increased farming outputs.

The Drone Didi Yojna is an amazing initiative to improve the livelihood and increase the ability of Self Help Groups related women. They said, when pesticides, urea and DAP are spreaded in farms, it has many side effects on the body. Apart from this, during this, few places get more spreaded and few remain untouched which creates imbalance. However, when the use of drones will increase, the side effects on the body will decrease. Whereas, the use of Fertiliser will also decrease to a appreciable extent.