Progressive Farmer Satyavan earned great profits from this type of farming

Published on: 19-Dec-2023

For your information, let us tell you that in this series of successful farmers, today we are going to tell you the story of a farmer from Delhi, who earns profit in lakhs through organic and natural farming.

In India, where chemicals are being used extensively in farming, on the other hand even today there are some farmers who are earning huge profits through organic and natural farming. Let us tell you that one of these progressive farmers is Satyavan. Presently Satyavan is earning income worth lakhs of rupees with the help of farming and dairy farming.

Only excellent land can make a farmer rich.

For your information, let us tell you that progressive farmer Satyavan says that he is a native of Dariyapur Kalan Village of Delhi. Also, they are earning income of lakhs through natural farming. Apart from farming, Satyavan also rears indigenous cows. He also grows inter crops, due to which he has become an example for the farmers today. Satyavan says, ‘If the earth is strong then the farmer will be rich’, what he means by this is that due to the use of excessive pesticides our soil has become completely devoid of organic matter. Let us tell you that due to this, diseases have started appearing in the crops. 

Farmer cultivates his 20 acres of land. 

He said that he does only natural farming in 5 acres of land and he has 20 acres of land for total land holding. Satyavan cultivates paddy, wheat, sugarcane and peas along with a variety of other vegetables. Apart from this, he also prepares vegetable nurseries in his farm, which he sells to farmers at good prices.