Good news: Punjab government increased the price of sugarcane crop to 391 rupees per quintal

By: Merikheti
Published on: 05-Dec-2023

In the present, sugarcane Farmers will get more price than before. Punjab has been the maximum price giving state for sugarcane in India. The Punjab government has taken a big decision for the benefit of farmers. There is good news for sugarcane cultivators from the State government. The government has announced to increase the rates of sugarcane. In the present, 391 rupees per quintal will be given to the state's sugarcane Farmers accordingly. 

Apart from this, Punjab has now become the highest payer to sugarcane farmers in india. States like Haryana and others come after Punjab in this list. In paying highest to sugarcane, Punjab is at the first position and second position is acquired by Haryana. 386 rupees per quintal is given for sugarcane in Haryana. UP and Uttarakhand farmers are paid at the rate of 350 rupees per quintal. 

Farmers will get profit of this much rupees per quintal 

For your knowledge, let you know that state farmers have been demanding to increase the price of sugarcane for the past many days. State had been paying 380 rupees per quintal which has been increased to 391 rupees in present. At present, farmers will be getting 11 rupees extra per quintal after this decision. The Punjab government has decided this after the demands of farmers of the state. 

It will be proven as a beneficial decision to farmers 

Sugarcane farmers were demanding an increase in the price for a very long time. Government considering the demands of farmers, undertook this decision, for which farmers have also protested in past days. After this decision, the representative of farmers had a conversation with the chief minister of Punjab and the government assured them a hike in price. Along with this, demands of farmers was to increase the price upto 450 rupees per quintal. According to reports, after this decision of the Punjab government, Farmers will get more benefits. Let you know, after this decision along with the increase in wages of farmers, their financial condition will also improve a lot