Detailed information related to wheat cutting machine

Published on: 19-Feb-2024

In India, modern machines are being used a lot for farming. Through this, we grow more and more crops and then harvest them. Harvesting crops is also a big task. This requires more time and hard work. 

However, this work can be done easily by using a reaper binder machine for harvesting the crop. This is a machine that is designed for harvesting crops. The Reaper Binder Machine cuts the crop at a height of 5 to 7 CM from the root. It can harvest crops equivalent to 25 laborers in an hour, so it is a handy machine. Reaper binder machines are also used in wheat crop harvesting. It is mainly used in places where compound harvesters and tractors cannot reach. This article provides information about the price of the wheat cutting machine 2024 and the reaper machine. 

Wheat Cutting Machine 2024 / Reaper Binder Machine

It is an agricultural machine, which is used to harvest grain crops. With this machine, work that takes hours is completed in a short time. It cuts the field-ready crop at a height of 1 to 2 inches near its roots, in states or areas where the crop is to be harvested for green fodder. There, reapers use binder machines more than combined harvesters. With the help of this machine, various crops like maize, paddy, moong, gram, wheat, jowar, and millet can be harvested.

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Types of Reaper Binder Machine

Generally, two types of reaper machines are more popular. In this, the first machine is operated with the help of hand and the second machine is operated by connecting it to the tractor. The hand-operated machine is operated by adding petrol and diesel.

Tractor Reaper Machine

Straw Reaper Machine

Hand Reaper Binder Machine

Automatic Reaper Machine

Walking Behind Reaper Machine

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Reaper Binder Machine Features

The Reaper Machine is very useful for harvesting any kind of crop. This machine also harvests the crop and binds it. This makes it easier to thresh the harvested crop. It cuts both small and big crops with ease. This machine is capable of harvesting one acre of crop in one hour. The work of 25 to 40 laborers can be done by this machine alone. This is an automatic machine, due to which there is no problem with transportation. With this machine, you can easily harvest many crops like mustard, maize, gram, wheat, barley, and paddy.