Record consumption of DAP and urea has been recorded in this Kharif season.

By: MeriKheti
Published on: 29-Sep-2023

There has been a significant increase in the consumption of DAP and urea this year as compared to last year. The Union Fertilizer Secretary has asked farmers and states to use them in a balanced manner.

In light of the increased usage of DAP and Urea during the present Kharif crop season this year compared to prior years, Union Fertiliser Secretary Rajat Kumar Mishra has urged farmers and states to use DAP and Urea in moderation. This Kharif crop season has resulted in extremely high urea and DAP use rates. So far, consumption has increased by 13 lakh tonnes of urea and 10 lakh tonnes of DAP over the previous year.

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1.8 Cr tonnes of fertiliser consumed this season

During a briefing, Union Fertiliser Secretary Rajat Kumar Mishra stated that a record 1.8 crore tonnes of fertiliser were utilised during Kharif season. Urea use has increased by more than 13 lakh tonnes. Speaking at a Rabi campaign conference, he stated that a new and highly efficient urea factory costing Rs 10,000 crore can generate 10.5 lakh tonnes per year. As a result, we will need to put up a new factory to fulfil the increased demand.

Union Fertilizer Secretary ordered for strict monitoring of distribution

The Union Fertiliser Secretary estimates that DAP consumption would be 10 lakh tonnes more than the previous Kharif season. He stated that, after water, fertiliser is one of nine agricultural inputs that influence yield. He stated that the Centre is dedicated to delivering fertilisers to meet the demands of the agricultural industry. According to Rajat Kumar Mishra, the Centre bore a grant burden of Rs 2.5 lakh crore in 2022-23. He also encouraged governments to constantly monitor fertiliser delivery and reduce regional disparities.