Farmers to get prosperous in short span by Sandalwood Cultivation,by this project of scientists.

By: MeriKheti
Published on: 24-Oct-2023

Agriculturists can earn crores through Sandalwood cultivation however almost a decade long process so reduces its scope for most farmers.Therefore the Central Soil and Salinity Research Institute is developing sandalwood plants that can be harvested in a short period of time.

Sandalwood cultivation is a highly profitable business for farmers. The majority of agricultural workers in India are enthusiastic about it however, due to a lack of technical understanding, they are unable to practise it .To generate profit from sandalwood trees one has to wait for almost 10-15 years.In this aspect,the Central Soil and Salinity Research Institute has launched an endeavour to grow high-quality sandalwood plants. Scientists are currently doing study on this topic in order to help farmers maximise their profits from sandalwood growing in a short period of time. For your knowledge, sandalwood is utilised in a variety of auspicious tasks, including worship. As a result, both the demand and price of sandalwood rise dramatically in the market.

Research ongoing for Sandalwood Trees by Scientists

Scientists at the Central Soil and Salinity Research Institute (CSSRI) in Karnal are developing healthier and higher-quality sandalwood plants to help farmers earn more money. In this respect, agricultural scientist Dr. Raj Kumar stated that the project work on sandalwood trees is being carried out under the leadership of the institute's director, Dr. RK Yadav. Sandalwood plant research continues to this day. He claims that farmers must wait 10-15 years to reap benefits from sandalwood trees. Scientists undertook this initiative to shorten the long wait.Along with this, study is being done on essential issues such as which host plant should be kept near the sandalwood tree, how much fertiliser, how much water should be supplied, and so on, in order to shorten the time gap required to reap the advantages of sandalwood trees. According to information obtained, experts have planted sandalwood seedlings on one acre of ground at the institute.

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Sandalwood tree is very beneficial for farmers

According to agricultural specialists, the age of the sandalwood tree determines its market price. If a sandalwood tree is ripe in around 15 years, its market price might range between Rs 70 thousand and Rs 2 lakh. In such a case, farmers might easily make millions of rupees in a few years by planting sandalwood.

Sandalwood trees consume nourishment from other plants

Other plants are placed beside the sandalwood. Because this tree derives its nutrients from the roots of other plants. Actually, the roots of the sandalwood plant connect to the roots of other plants. Then he turns the dose he received into his own dose, allowing the plant to develop more effectively.